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8 amazing things you never knew

about extra virgin olive oil!

And why you should be buying some right now.

It's the truth big food companies
don't want you to hear!


They would have you believe your oil should be clear and tasteless. They spend millions of dollars advertising that corn oil is just as good for you as extra virgin olive oil. They use words like "light" and "pure" to trick consumers into thinking that particular oil is good for them.  


According to Tom Mueller — a who wrote a scandalously revealing book on the subject of extra virgin fraud — 70% of the extra virgin olive oil sold is adulterated, meaning it's cut with cheaper oils!  Worse than that, they use extremely harsh and toxic chemicals to produce this so called "virgin" oil!  Beware and look for TRUE extra virgin olive oil.

Not all olive oils are created equal



Exta virgin olive oil is extremely healthy

Just two tablespoons a day:


• lowers “bad” cholesterol


• lowers blood pressure


• helps prevent cancer


• provides tons of antioxidants


• helps conginitive function

Source: Olive Oil Times

Extra virgin olive oil makes food taste better


Tom Mueller describes extra virgin olive oil as permeating your food “losing itself but subtly changing everything.”

Use it to finish off all your dishes — from salads and soups to sauces and sautees — and you’ll bring out the natural, delicious flavors in all your food. 

Since real extra vigin olive oil is nothing more that the oill from crushed olives, it's virtual impossible to have genetically modified oil. The olive trees are too old (well, at least the ones most small producers are using) to have every undergone any franken-science.  


And unless you doctor your oil something like seed oil, which makes it anything but extra virgin olive oil, there's no way any GMO is getting into the bottle!

True extra virgin olive oil is GMO free


Making other oils generally requires the use of industrial solvents, typically hexane. To remove this solvent and eliminate unpleasant tastes and odors, the oils are then processed in a refinery, where they undergo high-temperature desolventization, neutralization, deodorization, bleaching, and degumming. The end result is a tasteless, odorless, colorless liquid fat.  Sounds anything but healthy to us!


True extra virgin olive oil on the other hand, is purely crushed olives. All natural, nothing added.

Real extra virgin olive oil is made just by pressing olives


A lot of people don't realize extra virgin olive oil should tickle the back of your throat and may even make you cough.


Having been taught by big food companies that their oil should be tatestless, they sometimes think this tickle means the oil is rancid. It's anything but!  Pepperiness is one of the three official positive attributes, together with bitterness and fruitiness, identified in the legal definition of extra virginity. 


Studies show that this “pinch” has the same anti-inflammatory properties as Ibuprofen!  That's why we say Villa Cappelli is "The one with the Puglia Pinch™!"

Real extra virgin olive oil will tickle your throat.


Trust a farm, not a factory!


Big industrial food companies tend to give you just that, big industrial food. They are only concerned with their bottom line and are not out to produce good, quality extra virgin olive oil. That is why many of them doctor the oil to cut their costs and make more money.


Find a producer you cant trust, like Villa Cappelli, a small, family owned and operated farm. When it's a family making extra virgin olive oil using ancient, traditional Italian techniques you know it's going to be good.

Most true extra virgin olive oil is made on family farms


"It's good.  It's special."

— Matt LeBlanc & Andrea Anders

Actors from Friends and Joey



Click the player below to

hear the full story.

But don't take our word for it.  Here are what some Villa Cappelli customers are saying.

"As a caterer....I know the value of 'quality' olive oil.....Villa Cappelli....used by great you!"


  —Pat Mastrorilli,

Mastrorilli Catering


"I was stunned to learn what REAL olive oil tastes like! Oh, my! I have spent most of my life thinking that the olive oil I was using was "the best" and "pure." I was an instant fan and now order online from Villa Cappelli."

  —Karen Thorpe,

English teacher and jewelry designer

Order it by the vat.  Because once you taste it you won't want to use anything else.  I don't think I really understood how good olive oil could be until I had the product from Villa Cappelli

—Diane Evans,

Princiapl at Evans & Katz, Leading consultant for the FEC

"That was my first olive oil tasting in my life and that was...truly, I mean REALLY good."

— Michael O'Neil

The Solopreneur Hour Podcast



To hear the full tasting,

click the sound link below.

Once you've had real extra virgin olive oil, you'll never want anything else


"Wow.  That's incredible.  I'm definitely going to [buy it.] I mean, I have to. That is incredible.  LIke literally."

— Quentin Vennie,

NYC writer, speaker & personal trainer



Click the player below

to hear the full tasting



"Whenever I need to send a special gift, I always go to Villa Cappelli for the best in Italian culinary products.  My friends have raved about what they have received.

  —George Hirsch,

Publisher Lu Cucian Italiana


"Worth every penny.  I fancy myself an olive oil snob and this is the best. When my spouse gave me a hard time about the cost, we did a blind taste test of olive oils and the others tasted like cook water compared to VC."

— Wendy Cicekksteige

Mom, Grandma, Cook

Luckily, Villa Cappelli has made it easy to have extra virgin olive oil delivered right to you door!  


But who is Villa Cappelli?  

Yes, you read that correctly. "Who" not "What."  Because Villa Cappelli is not some nameless corporation who cares only about their bottom line. It's a family who cares about your family.  


Long story short, Villa Cappelli began in 2005, but it was an idea that had lived in founder Paul Cappelli’s head for years.  Having moved to the states when he was 7, Paul always dreamed of returning to his homeland.  While visiting family in Puglia with his three kids, he came upon an abandoned villa and through the years painstakingly restored it to the agritorismo it is today. 


Paul wanted to share his love of Italy with the rest of the world, and thus began selling olive oil from his family’s land plucked from trees growing on the shoulders of the ancient Via Appia and estate bottled in Terlizzi (Puglia), Italy. 


But how do you find real extra virgin olive oil?

Order today,and you'll start enjoying all the benifits of extra virgin oilve oil in only a couple of days.


Please note, REAL extra vigin olive oil is not a product that can be mass produced for a cheap price.  At stores like Williams-Sonoma, Dean & Deluca, and Etaly a bottle of extra virgin olive oil can sell for anywhere from $30 to $40, and sometimes much more!


But at Villa Cappelli, we really want everyone to experience just how good true extra virgin olive oil can be.  That's why our 500mL bottle is only $24.99!  


Plus — while supples last — you can get 10% off your order! That’s a high-quality, pure extra virgin olive oil for just $22.49!  Just enter code Villa10 at checkout for your 10% off!


PLUS, you get FREE SHIPPING on orders in the U.S. over $100 and flat shipping rate of $10 for orders over $55!


PLUS, our oil comes now comes in 3L tins for your convience for just $99.99.  


"What?," you say. "That's expensive." Actually, when you break it down, for the same amount of oil you get in our regular 500mL bottle, you'll save 66% with the 3L tin!!

If you can't come to Italy, then Italy can come to you!

Villa Cappelli carries all kinds of amazing Italian products, not just oil.  All 100% Italian, 100% GMO free, 100% natural.


• Balsamic Vinegar

• Sun-Dried Tomatoes

• Italian Spices

• Homemade Conserves

• Almonds

• Spicy Sauces

• Ceramics

• Gift Baskets

• And more!


Just enter code Villa10 at check out and you can get 10% off all these items as well!


PLUS, don't forget FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100!  

Act now and get 10% of your ENTIRE order!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about all that good quality extra virgin olive can do.


From all the health benefits to making your food taste better to serving your family something delicious and healthy, we hope you'll discover just how amazing quality extra virgin olive oil can be.



P.S. If you have any questions, just let us know! Remember, we aren't so me giant food company looking to make a quick buck from you. We truly want you and your family to have the best, quality food delivered right to your door. We'll answer every email personally, so just click here if you'd like to talk! 

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